The Classic Look of Mahogany

Home Decor and Renovations – Aug/Sept 2012 – by Heather Ryan

To create a truly gorgeous and timeless deck, fence, gazebo, floor and more, you need to start with quality materials that will give you a classic look that will last for years.

For this reason many of the country’s best builders, contractors, deck builders and landscapers turn to the wood products offered by Kayu Canada, specifically Red Balau Batu and Dark Red Meranti, because “it’s the best choice for getting the classic look of Mahogany,” says Kayu Canada president Jim Labelle.

Labelle is proud to have supplied Red Balau Batu for the Devonian Gardens, and silvered-out Yellow Balau Batu, “which is maintenance free and looks amazing” to the Calgary Soldiers’ Memorial and Poppy Plaza that are part of the city’s Memorial Drive: Landscape of Memory. As well, his wood has been used on many high profile jobs across Canada, including the award-winning Ultimate Renovations’ showhome in Bonavista. Your home can have the classic, elegant look of Mahogany inside and out. “If your builder doesn’t know about this wood, let them know,” Labelle says. “You don’t want to be left out because it doesn’t get any better than this.”

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