Hardwood siding for houses + exterior wood soffit

Siding is an essential part of any residential home or commercial project. House siding can be made of various materials, but Kayu™ Canada offers something that undoubtedly tops the competition – hardwood siding. A beautiful way to increase your home’s value. Kayu™ hardwood siding will last a lifetime. Allow your Kayu™ hardwood to silver naturally or clean and oil occasionally to keep your siding looking like new!

1x4 tongue + groove
1x4 tongue + groove
1x6 tongue + groove
1x6 tongue + groove
Red Balau Batu Siding

Red Balau Batu is carefully selected from premium Shorea species. Dark mahogany hue, 100% clear grade. Darkens in time to a classic mahogany tone if maintained.

Meranti Siding

Also knows as Philippine mahogany, Meranti wood is carefully selected from 100% clear grade premium Nemesu, Bukit, and Seraya species. With a variety of light and dark and more visible grain, this hardwood is full of personality.

Bangkirai siding

Balau Bangkirai starts with a colour similar to teak but darkens to a warm mahogany colour if maintained.

It is one of the most durable and sought after hardwoods in Europe. It has similar durability to Ipe Kayu™ Decking.

Best Selection

Popular hardwoods including; Ipe, Red Balau Batu, Yellow Balau Bangkirai, Meranti and Cumaru.

Quick Delivery

From our warehouses in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Delivered directly to your job-site.

Best Prices

We are the largest importer of tropical hardwood in Canada. Take advantage of our buying power.

Custom Milling
5/4 x 6 Shiplap
1 x 6 Shiplap
5/4 x 6 Fineline Shiplap
1 x 6 Fineline Shiplap

Tropical Hardwood Siding House vs Cedar Siding

Kayu™ Hardwood Siding
Cedar Siding

Hardwood Exterior House Siding vs Cement Board Siding

Kayu™ Hardwood Siding
Cement Board Siding (Hardie Board)

Kayu Ships Wood Housing Siding Across Canada

Kayu Warehouses:

Kayu also ships to the USA

We ship from our warehouses in Vancouver and Calgary to Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Boise, Butte, Billings, Bismark, Fargo, etc. Take advantage of favourable exchange rates and proximity to our Canadian warehouses. Kayu ships across the lower 48, call or fill out our contact form today!

International Shipping

Minimum order size for International Shipping is a 20 foot container. Contact us today for a full quotation.

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Kayu Canada tropical and exotic hardwood Warehouses in Vancouver, Calgary & Toronto
The best selection of tropical hardwoods, stocked in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Dealers across Canada.

A beautiful way to increase your home’s value. Kayu™ hardwood siding will last a lifetime. Allow your Kayu™ hardwood to silver naturally or clean and oil occasionally to keep your siding looking like new!

Best siding for your house

Siding options come in both natural and synthetic varieties. While synthetic siding is often chosen for its lower price, it doesn’t quite compare to the beauty, natural feel, or eco-friendliness of its natural counterpart. If you’re considering natural wood siding, you can choose between hardwood and softwood. However, softwood tends to fall short in many respects. As you’ll see in the comparison below, hardwood is the best option when it comes to wood siding.

Why is house sidings in Canada so important?

Siding serves at least two functions – aesthetic and protective. By using exterior wood siding, you can increase the value of the house many times over.

Sales are not always a priority and beauty comes first for many people. Even though we spend our time inside the house and only see the exterior for a moment, it has a significant impact on our state of mind. We are still influenced by the opinions of others. When you and others admire beautiful and natural wood siding panels, you will feel uplifted on an energetic level instead of constantly feeling down.

We have talked about great things – beauty, energy and the like and of course siding is a necessity in any case. Those who don’t care about all that, choose the cheapest options from unnatural materials. These savings do not lead to much good, because natural wood exterior siding from hardwood trees is not only beautiful and prestigious but you get a number of benefits such as:

  • absence of fungus, rotting;
  • perfect protection from weather conditions: moisture, wind, dust;
  • protection from insects and various pests;
  • resistance to ultraviolet light;
  • no need for maintenance.

It all sounds very expensive and it seems that tropical wood for siding and hardwood soffit is something that not everyone can afford. In fact, wooden house siding prices are not very different from non-natural. The price difference between them will be on average 20%, but the benefits you get are worth it.

How can modern wood siding exterior help you save money?

The weather in Canada is quite harsh, but even more harsh are the prices of heating homes. Of course, you can save money and wear a jacket at home and set the heating to the minimum, but…The best solution is to take care of energy efficiency and outdoor wood siding makes a significant contribution here, along with insulation and proper installation.

By choosing wood siding for houses you get an even better return on your investment. You’ll be warm in the winter and you won’t have huge bills to pay.

Exterior wood siding Canada from Kayu

💰What is the cost of hardwood siding, soffit & fascia?

Starting at $3.35 per In ft.

🏘 Where are the Kayu wood siding suppliers near?

You can buy horizontal or vertical wood siding in: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and surrounding areas, Victoria, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto. A list of all dealers is available on our website.

✈ Is there delivery?

Yes, wood house siding and soffits are available throughout Canada and beyond.

⌛ How long is the warranty on hardwood siding?

25 years against rot.

✅ What about certificates of quality?

FCS, MTCC, Indonesian Legal wood, Sustainable Northwest.

🛠 Is there any installation?

No, we can only recommend installers.

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