Kayu Hardwood Deck Tiles

Condo Balcony tiles

Have an open space that needs a touch of warmth? How about something that is easy to install, a breeze to maintain, and adds a touch of class to any space.

Kayu hardwood decking tiles are available in two styles. Your new hardwood deck can sit on any sound flat surface like concrete balconies and patios, or a flat rooftop area.

Kayu deck tiles are made using Yellow Balau, one of our most popular tropical hardwoods. Initially, Kayu tiles start with a colour similar to teak but will darken to a warm mahogany colour if maintained. If you choose not to oil them, the tiles will weather to a beautiful, maintenance free, silver patina. Yellow Balau is also known as Yellow Bangkirai . This hardwood is one of the most durable and sought after hardwoods in Europe. Yellow Balau has similar durability to Ipe Kayu™ Decking.

Should you choose to finish your new balcony deck, you can choose from Kayu’s quality lineup of sealers and penetrating oils.

You can install Kayu Decking tiles yourself, or hire a contractor. Watch the video below to see an actual installation:

Kayu Exotic Hardwoods are Available Across Canada

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