Merbau (Kwilla) hardwood

Merbau wood has established itself as an excellent choice for flooring and the production of outdoor furniture. Depending on the country, Merbau wood may be referred to by various names such as Kwilla, Ipil, Lumpha, Scrub Mahogany, and others.

What is Merbau?

Merbau grows in South-East Asia, Australia. Its’ heartwood is light-brown, it develops into a deeper red-brown when aged. The sapwood* is pale yellow, white or buff coloured.

Most Merbau has an interlocked grain. When sealed with a clear coat, or lightly stained, Merbau has a distinct and attractive appearance.

Merbau is coarse in texture and also contains mineral deposits which give it character.

Kwila wood is recognized as a universal choice for projects, whether indoors or outdoors, regardless of scale. This wood is notably affordable among hardwoods. Merbau lumber is ideal for painting or oiling.

*Sapwood is the outer light-colored portion of a tree trunk through which the water passes from the roots to the leaves, and in which excess food is often stored. Heartwood is the central core of the trunk.

Merbeau or Kwila Tropical Hardwood

Merbau or Kwila Features:

Kayu Merbau wood are available across Canada
Kayu Warehouses:

Kayu Merbau (Kwila) lumber

💰What is the Merbau wood price?

Starting at $5.08 per In ft.

🏘 Where is the Merbau (Kwilla) store near me?

You can buy it in: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and surrounding areas, Victoria, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto. A list of all dealers is available on our website.

✈ Is there delivery?

Yes, it is available throughout Canada and beyond.

⌛ How long is the warranty on merbau hardwood flooring?

25 years against rot.

✅ What about certificates of quality?

FCS, MTCC, Indonesian Legal wood, Sustainable Northwest.

🛠 Is there any installation?

No, we can only recommend installers.

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