Amara Zee

Kayu Canada is a proud sponsor of The Caravan Stage Company based in Victoria, BC. Kayu supplied Red Balau Batu for the new deck on their theatre ship, The Amara Zee.

The Caravan, founded in 1970 in British Columbia, originally toured in large wagons pulled by Clydesdale draft horses. They performed all over the West Coast of Canada and the US in a large 700 seat Tent.

The Caravan now is a non-profit professional theatre company. They create and perform their shows aboard a 100ft theatre ship, the Amara Zee.

The Caravan’s theatre ship was built in Kingston Ontario commencing in 1993 and launched in 1997. As the World’s Only Tall Ship Theatre, the Caravan has travelled and performed in all but one of the Seven Seas.

The Amara Zee, underwent a massive refit in April 2018 that continued until March 2020. The ship was restored to its’ original glory including freshly oiled Kayu decks!

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