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Why Kayu?
Best Selection

Popular hardwoods including; Ipe, Red Balau Batu, Yellow Balau Bangkirai, Meranti and Cumaru.

Quick Delivery

From our warehouses in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Delivered directly to your job-site.

Best Prices

We are the largest importer of tropical hardwood in Canada. Take advantage of our buying power.

Deck wood for every budget

  • Kayu™ hardwood decks will last a lifetime
  • Similar cost to composite decks
  • Nothing beats the look and feel of real wood!

Low or No Maintenance wood decking

Allow your Kayu™ hardwood to silver naturally.
Clean and oil occasionally to keep your deck looking like new!

Exotic Hardwood used on Cruise Ships
  • The Same Hardwoods used on Cruise Ships
  • Tough Enough for Canadian Weather
Scratch Resistant
Janka Hardness Chart
  • Much Harder than Cedar or Redwood
  • Very Stable, virtually no warping or splitting
  • Kayu™ Hardwood choices shown in yellow
Mike Chartrand
Mike Chartrand
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"As owner of A Laptop Shoppe I recommend Kayu as an Honest ,and Friendly company. Their expertise and experience makes them the leaders in their industry."
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Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks
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"Great service and install advice. A customer service and quality product focused family business."
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Bruce C
Bruce C
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"Very helpful and accommodating staff. All communication was responded to promptly. Jim and Paige answered all of our questions and offered suggestions. Kayu was able to supply everything we needed including material, screws, Messmer;s oil and even the sealing tape for the top of the joists. I built the deck last year and finished the stairs this spring. Used the Balau-Batu for both. Extremely satisfied with the product and the end product. The material requires a very good saw blade like a Freud and I became very adept at removing slivers from my hands! I highly recommend the product and the services of Kayu."
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One of the finishes of a home or commercial construction project is decking. Special attention is always paid to exterior decking as it faces natural threats. Kayu Company offers hardwood decking in Canada that is best suited for exterior work. Among our assortment you will find different types of trees such as IPE, Meranti, Cumaru, Balau – these are the best representatives for decking. All these lumber have high protection against natural disasters, rot, fungus, mechanical damage, ultraviolet light, and even fire. This type of wood is classified as Class A, making it fire retardant (fireproof) decking.

We offer fixed standard sizes for decking, and we also provide custom decks options to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Compared to other alternatives, hardwood decking wins on all counts in the long run. If the wood deck is made from soft materials, the main disadvantage is the short lifespan and difficulty in maintenance. For commercial projects, conifers are almost never used because of their vulnerability to damage. 

There are also non-natural materials – they are characterized by low price, ease of installation and are not demanding in maintenance, but the service life, resistance and aesthetic aspects leave much to be desired. In addition, there is the issue of environmental friendliness. Kayu wood decks come from special certified forests, where the cutting of trees is strictly controlled and does not disturb the natural balance. This is not the case with vinyl decking or polymer products, which simply destroy the environment.

Hardwood IPE decking Canada

Kayu is renowned as one of the leading suppliers of IPE decking among tropical forest products in Canada. With our commitment to quality and sustainability, we stand as a trusted provider of premium decking materials sourced from tropical forests.

IPE lumber, also known as Brazilian lapacho walnut or ironwood, stands out as the most sought-after decking material. In Canada, IPE wood decking is the top choice for commercial structures frequented by large crowds daily, thanks to its remarkable characteristics. Not only is IPE decking exceptionally beautiful, but it’s also incredibly durable, with a potential lifespan of up to 100 years when properly maintained, though the average lifespan is around 60 years.

In residential settings, IPE wood decks are commonly used to create luxurious terraces, gazebos, and balconies, elevating the outdoor living experience to new heights. For condominiums, IPE deck on rooftops creates an unparalleled cozy atmosphere.

Beyond land-based properties, IPE is best wood for decks in Canada in shipbuilding due to its exceptional qualities:

  • Resistance to moisture, fire, UV damage, rot, fungus, and other natural elements
  • Durability against scratches and bumps
  • Protection against parasites
  • Potential service life of up to 100 years

The aesthetics of IPE decking are truly enchanting, characterized by deep texture and richness. To maintain its beauty, it’s recommended to apply a special oil twice a year after sanding the surface and to seal the wood every three years. 

It’s important to note that the IPE decking cost can reach as high as $20 per foot. While IPE decking offers exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal, this premium quality comes with a higher price tag. When planning your decking project, it’s essential to factor in the potential cost of IPE decking and consider it alongside other available options.

While IPE decking is essential in certain applications like shipbuilding, its higher price may lead homeowners to explore alternative options for residential use.

Cumaru wood decking Canada

Cumaru decking, often referred to as the “second IPE,” offers similar beauty and durability at a lower price point. Popular for patios and residential applications, Cumaru decking boasts a stunning appearance and is priced about 30% lower than IPE. Despite its lower price, Cumaru deck maintains excellent stability and resistance, making it a practical and attractive choice.

Red and yellow Balau wood decking

Decking made from red and yellow Balau wood species stands out for its distinctive colors, as the name suggests. Balau decking is not only popular in Canada but also widely used throughout Europe. Its versatility makes it a preferred choice for decking projects across various regions.

Yellow Balau decking, in particular, enjoys significant popularity due to its affordability. Priced approximately 40% lower than IPE decking, Yellow Balau offers comparable strength and resistance characteristics. The appeal of Yellow Balau lies in its practicality and natural aesthetic, making it an attractive option for those seeking both quality and affordability.

Ultimately, the choice between IPE and Balau decking comes down to personal preference. Some individuals may prefer the deeper wood grain and are willing to invest in IPE decking, while others prioritize practicality and opt for the cost-effective option of Balau decking. With both options offering excellent quality and durability, it’s simply a matter of taste and priorities.

Deck wood from Kayu: price, warranty, where can I buy it?

💰What is the decking prices?

Starting at $3.35 per In ft.

🏘 Where are the hardwood deck stores near me from Kayu?

You can buy decking wood from Kayu in: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and surrounding areas, Victoria, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto. A list of all dealers is available on our website.

✈ Is there delivery?

Yes, hardwood for decking is available throughout Canada and beyond.

⌛ How long is the warranty?

25 years against rot.

✅ What about certificates of quality?

FCS, MTCC, Indonesian Legal wood, Sustainable Northwest.

🛠 Is there any installation?

No, we can only recommend installers.

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